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Any medical student will tell you that they have enormous amounts of material to read and learn, texts full of dry material often poorly-written, disorganized, and unclear. A 2000+ page book on Pathology, a 2000+ page book on Pharmacology, other textbooks, notes, an 800+ page book on Physical Diagnosis… How can anyone expect a student to read and remember everything written in these books?

Medical Exam essentials

Although every textbook and source of information is important, a medical student can’t read and absorb everything. Therefore, shorter, more compact, student-friendly, “what you need to know” documents are essential. Medical Exam Essentials provides complementary material that will help students learn quickly and clearly how to examine a patient. It does not replace any of the textbooks, but allows the student to understand the salient features of the texts they are reading.

Why add another set of materials to medical students’ reading lists?

The idea to write brief, concise documents for medical students came from years of teaching a course in Physical Diagnosis: first, at the State University of New York – Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, and presently, at the University of Medicine and Dentistry – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Conversations with teaching physicians (both private practitioners and university-based physicians) interns, residents, fellows, and medical students, especially second-year medical students have all led me to the conclusion that short, compact, student-friendly, “this is what you need to know” presentations of different aspects of medical exams were what first- and second-year medical students needed.

Anxious students gain confidence and reduce stress for their initial introductions to real patients when they receive specific instruction on how to perform history-constructing techniques and physical examination maneuvers needed to obtain a thorough history and a comprehensive physical exam. If the student carefully listens to the patient tell his story and then examines the patient, the resulting impression/diagnosis will be more easily developed, comprehended, and presented as the student gains more experience.

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Medical Symptom Diagnosis
One of the most important things a medical student learns to do is construct a history and perform a physical examination, leading to a medical symptom diagnosis
Cardiovascular System Facts
Read more cardiovascular system facts: an intricate, complex connection of structures that carry blood, containing oxygen and other essentials, to all the tissue in the body.
Human Respiratory System
The human respiratory system is an intricate, complex connection of structures through which air, including oxygen (O2), moves from outside the body to the lower recesses of the lung.
What Is Tuberculosis
What is tuberculosis? A disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis hominis, an organism that is red and rod-shaped on staining
What is Pulmonary Hypertension
The common usage of the word “hypertension” is to refer to high blood pressure. If so, what is pulmonary hypertension?
Causes of Chest Pain
We can divide the causes of chest pain into two major categories: those caused by cardiac issues, and those caused by other, non-cardiac issues.
An abnormally uncomfortable awareness of breathing, dyspnea involves both the perception of a sensation and the reaction to that perception.
What Causes Asthma
The problem with determining what causes asthma is that a complex set of factors interacts to produce the resulting asthma attack.
Current Asthma Treatment
Managing asthma includes both pharmalogical and non-pharmalogical aspects in current asthma treatment.
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Primer in Adult Physical Diagnosis
A compact, “this is what you need to know” presentation of physical diagnosis for medical students as well as practicing physicians. A Primer in Adult Physical Diagnosis by John A. Crocco, MD FACP
About the Author
Medical Exam Essentials features the writings of eminent physician and medical educator John A. Crocco, M.D. Read more about the author on his bio page.
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